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CareerBuilder is an employment website founded in 1995 and with offices in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia. In 2008, it had the largest market share among online employment websites in the United States, where it was founded. provides labor market intelligence, talent management software, and other recruitment solutions, including online career search services for more than 1,900 partners as of March 2008, including 140 newspapers and portals such as AOL and MSN.

Jason mentioned in a review, "I have used multiple job sites, and is the only one I have ever had issues with. To be clear, I am not complaining about the basic 1st party spam that sends; I was able to opt out of that easily enough. However, after making the mistake of applying to just one job through, and without even creating an account, made my information available publicly. Within 24 hours I started receiving cold emails from "employers" who could barely read or write on a 6th grade level. Notice that some of the following have near identical phrasings."


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The leadership team is by far the greatest issue that this company has. They have driven all good employees away and destroyed CB. The leadership is not qualified to run this company."

Former Employee - Senior Product Manager says

"There is no corporate strategy let alone product strategy."

Current Employee - Analyst says

"Leadership recognizes internal political clout over merit and measures application volume as the primary success KPI (not how well they enable their clients to acquire hired). Translation: their entire product strategy is spamming jobseekers and veiling the spam as meaningful engagement that leads to hires (which does not happen) during new deal and renewal negotiations. But it’s all smoke and mirrors that will long term render CB extinct by neglecting value."

Former Employee - Customer Success Manager says

"The place is a mess. There is no higher leadership, only managers, at best. The focus is completely on saving and getting new dollars, but no focus on making the products that were purchased actually work. Messaging from VP level and up is that “we’re on the verge of something great”, but the entire organization knows that those same “managers” (they aren’t leaders...) are having other conversations trying to position the company for sale. It’s insulting that they think we’re not smart enough to recognize what’s going on. Any recent good review you find on here is likely a planted review from marketing. Lay-off’s were happening, regardless of the Covid situation. People here are severely undervalued, but were told they are overpaid."

Former Employee - Software Engineer says

"- Awful leadership. If you like getting yelled at and threatened, then you’ll be okay. Also, management should know what their employees work on. Some are expected to lead technology teams and make decisions while being incompetent and behind on the industry in general. - At least in the IT department, it was almost impossible to get a raise/promotion. Only fake promotions in which you don’t get a title or salary change but you do get more responsibility. - Toxic culture. If you’re friends with a C-level executive you’ll do well. - Under market pay. - No learning opportunities. The budget for training got cut more and more until it was nonexistent. - Obviously don’t just follow the crowd, but it should mean something that most of the top performers of the company have either left or are trying to leave."

Current Employee - Sales says

"ELT leadership hold 'real talks' each week, but they are not real at all. They are glorified magic acts to distract from the reality of our company. Losing clients, losing staff, people missing quota, high ranking people leaving (most recently President of SMB & CPO), losing market share.. In Mid-April, there were furloughs/layoffs and it's only a matter of time for another round. Promotions have been non existent (even before the virus). Quotas are not realistic, but give cover for layoffs since 'we're not performing'. There is no trust from ELT because they've given no reason to trust them. I trust their actions, which have been to shed headcount, shed salaries, shed any cost, and increase EBITDA. They are great Private Equity leaders. Sell us please! Past reviews are a must read, this has nothing to do with people resisting changes, yes, some are sour grapes and people complaining, but a vast majority of these reviews are 100% true."

Current Employee - Customer Success Manager says

"There is not one person on the Executive Leadership team that knows what they’re doing or is respected by the employees. They are dishonest and make horrible business decisions. None of their actions these past two years have been smart business decisions to keep this company alive. They are clearly sinking and just selling off what they can. They’ve pushed out all the talented people keeping CB afloat."

Former Employee - Manager says

"Heavy process, Cost cutting and layoffs seem to be the answer in most cases. Most departments are severely understaffed."

Former Employee - IT Specialist says

"Bought by Apollo. Many layoffs."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The CEO and President (Irina and Sasha) is the #1 problem at CareerBuilder. They do not know how to run a business and should have been gone a long time ago. Irina is completely incompetent and an airhead. She should have never been appointed to be CEO. Her hands is always in everyone's job but her own which makes you wonder what does she really do. She's very cruel, heartless, phony and talks to people in a disrespectful manner. I've witnessed Irina decimate and humiliate an employee to the point where the person was visibly shaken and crying. This company is very outdated in the HR tech space and won't be around much longer due to poor leadership, archaic processes, and they can't compete with what is current in the market."

Software Engineering Lead / Manager (Former Employee) says

"If you dont live in Noida. Good luck keeping a job here. Was laid off after essentially creating the team from 1 or 2 people to a team of 8. After U.S. engineers left for more pay, they rehired in Noida. They are just trying to turn around and sell the company. The company use to have a great feel. Now, it is a sweat shop.NoneEverything Management."

Customer Success Manager (Current Employee) says

"Horrible leadership ever since the dictators took over from Apollo. They yell and scream at us and make us work very late. They berate us publicly and are horrible to work for. They will clap in your face and tell you to get back to work. Yelling through multiple daily meetings is the norm. Run while you can. Employees are all trying to get out."

Project Manager II - Software Implementation (Current Employee) says

"Typical day includes meeting, scheduling calls, creating custom career sites, data analysis. Project management and digitial media management skills vastly improves. Corporate culture was amazing, but rapidly declined after acquisition by private equity firm."

National Account Executive (Former Employee) says

"Stay away. Careerbuilder is dead and Apollo Murdered it. It’s slash and burn and they get rid of their highest paid employees. I doubt they will be around much longer. They definitely will not be recognized as the same company a year from now."

Customer Success Manager (Former Employee) says

"Exactly my title, I did not enjoy working at CareerBuilder, as a woman with my MBA, I watched young, inexperienced men quickly move up with no backing, even the women get cut-throat trying to strive, management was the worst I’ve seen in my careerFlexibilityPay, management, men"

Client Support Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Career builder is a horrible employer to work for. My manager was a new and didnt know anything about the company, she was racist, disrespectful, and treated me very poorly. Often times her comments and treatment would be so terrible other team members would tell me that they felt bad for me. In my tenure with Career builder I was treated horribly and even went to the hospital for several anxiety attacks."

Director, National Accounts (Current Employee) says

"Terrible company, terrible management, terrible leadership. What else can I say. RUN! A bunch of millennials that want to climb a corporate ladder. If you are that, then you would fit right in. Do not value foodeverything 3else"

Pretfullment (Current Employee) says

"Do not waste your time. The turn over rate is ridiculous and the management stinks. There is favoritism and it is apparent to all. The trainers aren't familiar with the work to be done on the floor so you will fail. If you are a hard worker they put as much as they can on you so you will fail and not meet your quota. The HR lady is useless as a box of rocks and the unwanted harrassment from team leads, supervisors, and the higher up from Illinois is disgusting. Google the company and all lawsuits against them before making the decision to apply."

Box sitter (Former Employee) says

"Careerbuilder was a place of dreams. Where you could learn daily of technology operations customer services and more. Many enjoyed to work here. Things like hack-a-thon made it very inviting. Many smart hard working people gathered to help build this wonderous place. Until one day an email came across and swept through like a dust storm. There was some new Sheriffs in town. The beautiful ray of sun that was once shining on CB was now nothing but a tremendous black storm cloud called Apollo. They had 2 secret weapons known as Queen B and The Destructor. Together they swept through like a F5 tornado in a trailer park. Demolishing anything good in its path. Few were left standing. They stayed on with promises of a rainbow with a pott of gold. Soon all would see that there was no pot of gold to be found. The Queen B hated all things happy. She would not allow any happiness in her new kingdom. All happy people were to be punished by banishment.If you survived the storms and banishment parts may peace be with you. If you seek refuge from these people just get up and run. And to all who look to come to this once happy place, If you value your happiness please chose another path. CB will only lead to destruction of your soul"

Director (Former Employee) says

"CareerBuilder was a great company to work for until 2015/16. That's when senior leadership attempted to pivot the organization from a career site to a software company. The sales directors implemented a scheme of misleading customers, renaming products, and making false claims. Ethics and integrity no longer exist. The failed pivot left a shell of an organization."

Product Director (Former Employee) says

"Stay clear of CareerBuilder. When I first started there, it had so much potential. But leadership changed and now all they care about is prepping the company to sell. They honestly don’t know what they are doing in software development. It’s sad to see good people leaving or getting laid off. Management just doesn’t have a clue."

Major Account Executive (Former Employee) says

"Not the best work environment. Company could benefit for restructuring and putting the right people in leadership roles. I would not go back to Careerbuilder"

Product and Marketing Manager (Current Employee) says

"Apollo purchased CareerBuilder, and the only thing that this group of cold-hearted, egomaniac people have actually managed to succeed at is stabbing a knife in the heart of CB. RIP CareerBuilder"

Assistant (Former Employee) says

"You would have to judge a company for yourself. It will appear differently at CareerBuilder depending on your race and who you already know within the organization, Not sure if that is a great way to move into your career field. Enter at your own risk!!!"

Procurement Analyst (Former Employee) says

"At CB all of upper management runs together and are besties. If one doesn't like you watch out, you're out of there. They want you to work 5 jobs for the price of 1.Casual work cultureYoung and Power Struck Management"

Testing Coordinator (Current Employee) says

"I thought with a recognized name like Career Builder, I would be treated with respect. Nope. I had to go through a temp service to get in. After working HARD and tackling every difficult task thrown at me, they offered me FT employment directly...only catch is I would DROP an entire dollar in pay. Weird right? Not to mention, my supervisor was a MAJOR alcoholic. He asked if he could tag along with me to the store so he could get smokes, i thought sure why not. He goes into the store and gets a 40oz slams it and asks me not to say anything! What a weird position to be in. This place is a joke, management is an even bigger joke. So many empty promises and too much garbage to deal with for such little pay. The HR department is the worst I've ever delt with. I still have friends who work there, I was told they had a huge meeting about my previous review and that it was "evil". Sorry but my review is the truth. I would honestly rather sell hot dogs from a roadside attraction than to ever work or recommend anyone to work for this "employment screening" company. They pay the bare minimum but yet the managers who sit in their office and do nothing, get paid way more. It is so backwards.Free Coffee, Mon-Fri scheduleeverything else"

Senior Account Executive (Current Employee) says

"Stay away from this one. What once was an awesome company to work for and an industry leader, is now a quickly fading light in the software and recruiting industry.Still a few good people aroundinferior product, micromanagement"

Records Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Unfortunately my experience at CareerBuilders was not a happy one, they allow supervisors to apply favoritism towards employees they personally like. The work environment was toxic, disparate treatment is a common practice. It was hard working in an environment where the majority of the employees were miserable. People are grossly underpaid for the work expectations. They place unrealistic quotas on their employees and treat them as though they don't matter, their only concern is production and their public image.Nice work spacesShort breaks, poor management, low wages"

Senior Account Executive (Current Employee) says

"Stay away from this one. What once was an awesome company to work for and an industry leader, is now a quickly fading light in the software and recruiting industry.Still a few good people aroundinferior product, micromanagement"

Project Manager Recruiter (Former Employee) says

"No matter how well you do on your reviews, you never know where you stand with management in ranking with coworkers. This review is not worth my time or energy as it will not change anything"

Nick Pastorino says

"All of the positive reviews on here are bogus. careerbuilder is a scam site; they kept sending me fake job posts and they wasted my time. I had to block them to get them to stop sending me scam job postings. God knows what they did with my resume and information."

James says

"I made the mistake of sending my resume in response to a position as a Senior Project Manager. I was flooded with spam, scams and junk mail Within minutes of giving them your contact are tossed into a nasty cesspool -which they call a network- of con-artists trying to trick you into believing they have an opportunity for you..only turns out to be scam. Are you a professional? They don't care...they will connect you with companies looking for third shift warehouse stockers. I honestly believe this company should have its doors locked and it's employees sent to jail. They are a disgusting example of greed during a pandemic. Shame On You Career Builder."

Jonah says

"This is a true scam website and service. I made the mistake up uploading my resume and making an account, and now get like 10 emails/texts a day, and random phone calls. They have an automated system and read from an obvious script if you end up talking with them. A total joke. Avoid this service at all costs."

Will Bethere says

"As soon as you have an account you will be deluged by fake jobs text emails and phone calls. Just try to close your account forget it it won’t happen it only gets worse after that. CareerBuilder puts a boo-hoo feel sorry for us because we have been hit by scammers yet trying to find their customer service contact information. CareerBuilder customer service contact information does not exist. Today I tried to close my account and it said oops sorry there’s an error try again later
You will never be able to get your information off this website and you will be plagued until you die from the scammers or whoever they sell your info to"

James says

"Careerbuilder is a huge waste of time. a lot of their information is almost 10 years old and still posted on their website. I had an account with them 5 years ago and they still have my resume posted even though I deleted my account and all of my information. I continue to get calls and emails from people who have seen my resume on their site."

Lydia says

" was a superior database -10 years ago - but today they leave MUCH to be desired. I use ZipRecruiter as my primary sourcing site but the position that I seek to fill is so specific that an additional sourcing platform is needed. I decided to try Career Builder so 2 weeks ago I signed up as a recruiter/employer, I paid my $300 for month-to-month access to their Resume Database. They were quick to bill my credit card- Great! I logged in - Great! I did what I signed up do for about 3 days - and then.....POOF! My access ceased to exist! I get as far as a webpage that says the site is "temporarily" down. I have made dozens of attempts to reach someone - anyone - but have yet to be given a reasonable explanation. Their years of great service are long-gone but I still had hoped they could be utilized as a valuable option in the marketplace for employers..... they are not!!
The only option left is to call Visa to file a claim and request my funds be reversed."

Rami Derhy says

"True rip-off! We invested over $3000 to find out that they can't deliver qualified applicants. as far as they are concern any applicants with the word "technician" is qualified as an "automotive technician", and even though a large number of the applicants are from different counties and not legal to work in the US, they still insist that they are delivering applicants. Save your money and look for a company who will actually deliver what they promises or give you your money back ...which they won't!"

Shane McGonnigal says

"All I recieve is scam emails. Worthless website"

Telaya Jackson . says

"I deleted my account because I kept receiving messages from scammers mentioning CareerBuilder. I still get job alerts from them. I had Amy, John Kent, Denise? and then Rosa text me. That's four scammers from Career Builder. I hate Careerbuilder."

Hello Goodbye says

"Uploaded a resume and have received a nonstop stream of scam calls, texts, and emails. The website will not allow me to delete my resume or deactivate my account. It keeps saying I have the wrong password even though I updated it and used it to log in. I tried calling both customer service numbers during their stated working hours and receive a "all offices are closed" message. Stay away."

Kristi Cummings says

"I have had and deleted my account with career builder several times. Once again, to no avail, I get calls and emails for jobs not even closely related to my fields of expertise. Conveniently, when I try to delete my account, they claim my password is incorrect and it won’t allow me to delete it. This is not the CareerBuilder of the day when there were no other job search engines and how they stay in business, is beyond me. Never again!"

Average Joe says

"If you want your email and contact info to be sent out to a bunch of scammers, phishers, and totally crap "job opportunities" then by all means, try careerbuilder. THE WORST SPAM EVER."

Sheik Yerbouti says

"Not sure where these condescending people got my email address from, but I'm receiving irrelevant emails asking me to send NI numbers, bank details, passports etc … seems likely they are scam artists - they're opperating under the following names : Broadbean, Cordant Recruitment & Cordant People."

Nancy Moncrief says

"Ever since I sent my resume to Career Builders, I have received nothing but fraudulent responses. When I notify them of these scams they send back a ref#, but then there is no follow-up and no response back when I try to follow-up. I also believe that they are selling my name to other job seeker sites. In my opinion, I would not use Career Builders ever!"

Shirley Amato says

"Career builders deals in age discrimination. They have called me about 5 times and as soon as they know my age the hang up on me."

S Goforth says

"Sucks if your a serious Employer looking for serious qualified your money and pass on this site. I've had much better luck with Ziprecruiter and Glassdoor."

wyang 16 says

"Stay away to protect your info. there are tons of other job posting platforms that don't have these problems. I started getting calls from people with very strong indian accent, all offering me an interview for a job in a field I am not even related anymore. I've been asking all of them where they are getting my information. I thought they were saying Career Vendor. But just realized it was Career Builder because of their automatic email suggesting me same type of jobs.
Deleted my account."

Mary Lou Zogby Zobel says

"The jobs posted are from months agao and never updated as for how many days the job has been posted for. And I do get out of state employment agencies who have Indian accents but calling from NJ, PA and other states. The jobs they have may be legit but I went on a interview and it was the worse. They email me and call me and I can recognize when they call I do not answer but still they leave voicemail that I delete."

Kathy Bryan says

"I agree with Joseph Lauletta, I have had the exact same experience. The service is legit and my resume has gone out to many, many other companies in different states and boroughs and it keeps on deflecting me to other job opportunities that appear to be illegitimate."

Joseph Lauletta says

"I give this service a 2 out of 5 as they do provide a legit service. However, I recommend caution when using this website. Yes, Career Builder is legitimate, yet those who read our resumes are not so much. I put my resume on Career Builder and immediately received emails and text messages from illegitimate companies. So, be very careful with all the phishing and scrapping of our personal data on this website. I would suggest only adding minimal personal info on your resume, such as fist/last name (no middle), email, phone, and city/state for your address. This way, real employers can contact you, yet scammers will have too little data to infiltrate your identity."

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